Damp Proofing Cellars & Basements

Tanking Guarantees West Midlands

Our waterproofing systems are generally warrantied for a period of 10 years although they are expected to last well in excess of this period with Cavity Drainage membranes having a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

You can also take advantage of an insurance backed guarantee issued by GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance) for a premium of approx 10% of the cost of works plus IPT (Insurance Premium Tax). So with Prestige Preservation  your basement has a watertight guarantee.


Quality Products 

Prestige Preservation only use the best quality products throughout all areas of our business which means that we specify Isola Platon products for drainage systems although if your Architect or Specifier requires a different manufactures product for any reason we can supply and install that to comply and offer an alternative quote for comparison. For external drainage membranes we specify Isola Platon Double Drain.

For barrier protection systems we specify the Triton Systems range of products although we also use Vandex or Permaguard products depending on the application and specification. We can also use Bituthene or Bentonite clay systems.


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